Flux-cored Arc Welding

FCAW is a flexible, conventional weld overlay process where a cored wire is fed through an electric arc to create a weld deposit on the base material. The cored wire consists of a metal sheath, usually nickel, that is wrapped around a powder center containing tungsten carbide particles, alloying elements and flux.

Features and Benefits - FCAW

Readily available, field portable equipment

Benefit: Allows for field repair of damaged or worn components. Particularly helpful when component removal is cost prohibitive.

Large wire diameters, up to 3/32” (2.8mm) available, allow increased deposit rates

Benefit: High deposit rates increase productivity reducing asset outage time

Carbide loading up to 60%

Benefit: Allows for high overlay wear resistance

Apply more stable mono crystalline tungsten carbide which resist melting in the welding arc

Benefit: More carbides in the resultant overlay provide better wear resistance

ASME recognized welding process

Benefit: Overlays can be applied to registered pressure equipment and vessels

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