Oil and Gas

Longer, deeper, hotter wells coupled with a need to minimize inventory present increasingly challenging circumstances for a variety of tools on the bottom hole assembly or used during well stimulation and production. CASL has over thirty years experience partnering with the oil and gas industry in the development of coating solutions that extend product life, reduce repair costs and minimize downtime. CASL’s technical services team is available to review your application and provide fit-for-purpose recommendations to ensure a solution that brings out the best performance in your tool.

Identification of the right coating solution is only the first part of our service commitment. We understand the intense pressure on operations to continuously improve service levels while reducing inventory carrying cost. Once we have assisted in selecting the right coating for your application our focus shifts to rapid service response. CASL is a comprehensively vertically integrated operation, providing a broad range of surface coating technologies coupled with extensive inspection, testing, finishing and machining services.

CASL has decades of successful experience providing both new and repair coating services covering a range of bottom hole assembly, well stimulation and production components, including:


• PCPD rotors – both tungsten carbide and chrome plated
• PCP rotors – both tungsten carbide and chrome plated
• Stator bodies – hone to dimension
• Measure while drilling components
• Mandrels
• Wash pipes
• Stabilizers
• Splines
• Drilling jars

• Hydraulic shafts and cylinders
• Hydraulic rods and pistons
• Actuator shafts
• Impellers
• Cylindrical liners & sleeves
• Bearing surfaces
• Pump components
• Piston rods
• Compressor rods
• Ball valves and seats
• Gate valve faces and seals

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