CASL is a trusted advisor to mining equipment operators with almost a half century of experience providing quality, fit-for-purpose solutions to the industry’s most challenging hydraulic cylinder, strut, center joint, snubber and track adjuster component repair challenges.  

In plant operations where wear and corrosion create cost and unplanned outages, CASL provides a host of severe service solutions including valve remanufacturing and slurry pipe ID and OD coatings.  Where component removal is cost prohibitive, clients choose CASL’s field service repair option including blast and application of metal coatings to either rehabilitate or prolong the life of worn or corroded assets such as pipelines, tanks and vessels.  

CASL recognizes the importance of flexibility in terms of repair scope and tailors solutions to client requirements ensuring asset owning and operating costs meet expectations.  CASL offers comprehensive remanufacturing where extended service life is expected down to more modest repairs when a value solution is the preferred option.  

Industry Leading Service Capabilities

CASL intimately understands the importance of accurate, timely cost estimates and rapid turnaround when the repair approval is granted. CASL’s industry leading service capabilities include:

• Hydraulic cylinder and suspension component remanufacturing

• Overlaid piping spools

• Snubber remanufacturing

• Field service

• Component Salvage – Mobile Equipment

• Component Salvage – Industrial Pumps

Innovative Wear Solutions in Your Markets

Our expert knowledge of your industry puts us at the forefront to identify potential inefficiencies, streamline processes, and create offerings to maximize uptime in your business.

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