HaloJet ID HVOFTM System

For our aerospace and defence clients seeking an improved inside diameter coating or with a need to meet regulatory requirements (such as REACh) mandating elimination of hexavalent chrome from production processes CASL’s HaloJetTM ID HVOF coating system is the solution.  

The HaloJet system uses state of the art material processing and CASL’s Adiabatic Flame Technology to maximize coating density and heat transfer to the coating alloy particle while minimizing heat transfer to the substrate material.  These unique features allow the HaloJet application system to coat internal surfaces as small as 2.5” (63mm) while keeping substrate temperatures below 300°F (150°C), a highly effective and proven solution for landing gear coatings.  

CASL offers the base HaloJet system for clients that want to independently manage implementation or a turnkey solution with engineering, procurement and commissioning service, including core infrastructure selection and installation, provided by CASL.  

CASL doesn’t just develop and sell equipment, we’re a comprehensive service provider with extensive experience operating the HaloJet system for a broad range of end-user applications.  Clients seeking a turnkey solution can further take advantage of our operational experience and engage CASL in developing and optimizing automation programs, maskings and fixtures to ensure both an effective and efficient commissioning and ramp-up process.

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Features and Benefits

Novel fuel/gas/oxidizer and combustion chamber geometry

Maximum amount of thermal enthaply released prior to powder introduction reduces thermal energy transfer to substrate

CASALLOY nano HVOF alloys

Small particle size allows high kinetic energy creating high bond strength

Combustion power level of 25kW (compared to competitor range of 60 - 130 kW)

Minimizes thermal energy transfer to substrate allowing application to temperature sensitive alloys

Robotic Spray Cell

Repeatable coatings on a wide variety of component sizes and geometries improves resultant quality

RotaryJet gun head system

Internal ventilation and dust extraction is more effective than stationary systems improving coatings quality

Allows blind hole coatings ( ie,landing gear )

Permits coatings of eccentric bores, asymmetric parts and components and attachments

Rotary speed up to 300 rpm 

Can maintain consistent coating thickeness on ID's as small as 2.5" (65mm)


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