Hard Chrome Electroplating

Electrolytic deposited chromium metal coating (HEEF KR) with a broad range of wear prevention properties not economically available in any other single coating process.

A.2.1 HVOF - cylinder being spray3ed (2)

Features and Benefits of Hard Chrome Electroplating

All plating completed in vertical tanks

Benefit: Concentric coating application, reduces post process grinding needed to correct ovality created in horizontal plating operations.

Switch mode, completely automated rectifiers

Benefit: Correct application of coating reduces rework and improves on time delivery performance.

On site lab to monitor and control plating solutions

Benefit: Improves quality, reduces rework and shortens delivery lead time.

Extremely low coefficient of friction and micro-crack network that retains lubricants

Benefit: Ideal coating for sealing applications.

Can be applied to both outside and inside diameters

Benefit: Appropriate for a broad range of component geometries.

Anti-galling properties

Benefit: Good coating for threaded components

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