Hydraulic Cylinders and
Suspension Components

CASL’s unrivalled remanufacturing capabilities include:

• Disassembly, inspection, salvage (honing, grinding, welding, machining, coating chrome or HVOF), assembly, test and paint all completed under one roof, no outsourcing.

• Allows CASL to:

Control all aspects of quality and cost

Accelerate component repair turnaround

Achieve the promised ship date

Lower cost, no 3rd party mark-ups

Extensive repair capabilities:

• Can handle the most difficult jobs including the largest mining and multi-stage cylinders

• Both standard original manufacturers’ coatings: chrome plating and HVOF

• Turnkey manufacturing: re-rod, re-tube or build from scratch (pistons and glands)

• 50’ vertical plating length, 40” OD, 20,000lbs hoist, 120,000ft/lb torque, 240mm nut


Comprehensive, ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. Confirmation that the end product meets the most discerning client requirements.

• All cylinders tested at full operating pressure prior to shipping

• On site lab controls and validates the quality of all coatings


Transparent manufacturing system facilitates repair planning for clients with large fleets to manage

• Actively communicate and measure performance: available to promise, time to quote, NCRs etc

• Quarterly, data driven, business reviews ensuring client and CASL priority alignment


Services and Technologies

Learn about CASL’s service and technology offerings. Our industry solutions provide the best in class services to meet the demands of your business.

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