Plastic and Polymer Processing

Continuous advancement in plastic formulations coupled with expanded utilization of recycled feedstock subjects injection molding and extrusion equipment, and particularly barrels and screws, to increasingly corrosive and abrasive operating environments.  CASL’s proprietary nanoHVOF system, a combination of ultrafine alloy powders with the application technologies needed to process sub micron materials, is an effective solution to modern polymer processing wear problems.  

For screws, CASL’s nanoHVOF system is capable of spraying into tight tolerances, eliminating the costly, time consuming and non-value added additional step of post process polishing.  CASL can fully encapsulate (root, flight sides and lands) your screw with an extremely low porosity, high bond strength nano alloy that will deliver two to five times the service life of conventional sprayed or nitrided screws.  

CASL’s HaloJetTM ID HVOF system can cost efficiently coat the inside diameter of either single or twin barrels down to down to 2.00” (51mm) for lengths up to 12’ (3.6m).  For new barrels, HaloJetTM ID HVOF can extend service life over three times compared with conventional nitrided barrels.  When a nitrided or bi-metallic barrel has reached full service life consider HaloJetTM ID HVOF as an alternative to challenging, time consuming and costly liner sleeve repairs.  HaloJetTM ID HVOF is a particularly cost effective remanufacturing solution to extract another full service life out of most used injection and large, elaborately equipped extrusion barrels. 

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