A partner in the development and innovation of oilsands wear and abrasion solutions for over twenty-five years. CASL is a well capitalized, locally owned and operated supplier that appreciates the unique conditions faced by in-situ and surface mining oilsands operators where temperature swings of 75°C and sand geometry variations can be significant factors in a materials science driven wear solution. CASL does not present standard offerings that work everywhere else, but rather partners with oilsands operators to tailor wear and corrosion solutions that overcome specific Canadian oilsands challenges.

CASL is a comprehensive service supplier successfully supporting wear and corrosion related maintenance activities, both in shop and on-site, from the mine face to the tailings pond. Compress vendor management costs and capitalize on extensive oilsands specific experience drawn from all sites and all areas of operation to extend life, increase reliability and reduce asset owning and operating costs.

Major Services Offered

Mobile Equipment Component Remanufacturing and Repair Programs for:

Hydraulic cylinders & suspension components


• Other wear components such as track adjusters, center joints, hitches, etc.


Pipe spools – Hydrotransport and Tailings

Spray and fuse applied tungsten carbide for most severe service

• Chrome carbide coated for less severe applications

• Reducers, bends, straights, transition rings and more

• New build and repair


Valves – Severe Service

• Remanufacture or repair severe service slurry valves

• Tungsten or chrome carbide liner coatings for prolonged service life

Component Salvage – Supports Central Maintenance Activities

• HVOF, PTA, electroplating and other coating application systems return worn components to new condition. 

• Pump components – volute, casing, impellor

• Valves – stem, gates, seats, cylinders

• Compression equipment, centrifuges, bearing fits, shafts and more


Turnaround, Shutdown and Field Service Support

• Blast and coat (thermal spray aluminum, Hastelloy etc) tanks, vessels, pipe, scrubbers, firetubes, columns, accumulators, separators etc


Wear Products

• Grader and dozer blades

• Fixed plant: chutes, feed bins, crusher liners and more.

• TSRU feed nozzles and shed decks

• Tungsten or chrome carbide coatings for GET and crushing cones in severe service applications

Innovative Wear Solutions in Your Markets

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