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The harmful effects of abrasion and corrosion have long been life limiting factors impacting landing gear components.  While manufacturers have deployed a variety of coatings to extend component service life, options for protecting the inside diameter of oleo strut bodies has long been limited to chrome plating.  This limitation is a result of both the line of sight nature and excessive substrate heat transfer associated with legacy HVOF application systems.  When a longer lasting coating, such as HVOF applied tungsten carbide/cobalt/chromium, is applied to the outside piston surface the chrome coated inside diameter of the strut body quickly becomes the service life limiting factor of the entire assembly. CASL’s proprietary HaloJetTM ID HVOF coating system solves this problem.  

The HaloJetTM ID HVOF coating system uses state of the art material processing and CASL’s Adiabatic Flame Technology to maximize coating density and heat transfer to the coating alloy particle while minimizing heat transfer to the substrate material.  These unique features allow the HaloJetTM ID HVOF application system to coat internal surfaces as small as 2.5” (63mm) while keeping substrate temperatures below 300°F (150°C).  

HaloJetTM ID HVOF is a REACh compliant coating eliminating prohibited or restricted hexavalent chrome or cadmium coatings from your supply chain.  

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