Vision and Values

To be the preferred partner collaborating with global industry to solve the most challenging wear problems. 

Mission Statement

To keep high value, non-renewable resources in circulation longer by innovating and commercializing wear solutions and delivering unrivalled services that improve our customers economic and environmental performance wherever they work.

Sustainability Principles

CASL’s strategy focuses on developing wear solutions that lead to extended or multiple service lives for high value components used in a broad range of global industries.  This strategy also helps further our sustainability journey which we have organized as a set of principles:

Prevent waste

By increasing the safety, efficiency and productivity of processes we reduce cost and minimize the use of materials, energy, water and land needed to provide our services.  

Improve quality

Apply innovation, technology and continuous improvement to improve the sustainable performance of CASL products, services and operations.


Develop better systems and technologies that maximize life cycle benefits and minimize the economic, social and environmental costs of owning high value, non-renewable industrial assets

Our Values


We value our people and put safety first with an aspirational goal to prevent all injuries, occupational illnesses and safety incidents.  We actively promote the health and safety of everyone on our property and in our offsite operations with policies and practical programs that help individuals safeguard themselves and their colleagues. 


We set ambitious goals and are driven to achieve them. We accept nothing but the best results for our employees, customers and shareholders.  We embrace continuous improvement and accept that our best performance today must be improved on tomorrow.  


We recognize that the pursuit of Excellence requires innovation and we are prepared to challenge each other, accepted practises and conventional wisdom to drive extraordinary results for our customers.  


We work as a team for we recognize that the job is too big to be done effectively by one person.  We understand that the best solutions come from working together and ensure every team member has a voice with the opportunity and empowerment to influence the group.  


We treat our customers as true partners and seek to genuinely understand their needs before offering solutions.  Our customers can trust that we deliver what we promise and our actions are in their best interests.  


We care about our people’s aspirations and create an environment that enables them to realize their maximum potential.  We realize that the pursuit of Excellence requires dedication, skill and effort and when it is achieved we recognize, reward and celebrate the accomplishment.