Sustainability - Environment

Waste Avoidance

CASL’s surface technology products and services deliver multiple sustainability benefits by first extending the service life of originally manufactured components and then remanufacturing those same components at end-of-life returning them back to service in like-new condition.  CASL’s remanufacturing service directly leads to the avoidance of over 1.9 million pounds of iron to landfill each year.  Extending original service life and subsequently remanufacturing and salvaging components for another life reduces waste and minimizes the need for raw materials, energy and water required to manufacture new parts.  By maximizing original component service life and then salvaging those same components at end-of-life CASL extends the value of energy and water consumed in a component’s original manufacture and greatly increases the amount of materials that remain in productive use. 

CASL_Ultra High Density

Engineered Spill Prevention Assurance

Notwithstanding CASL invests significant energy and expense towards technological advancement in surface technology, there remain numerous situations where electroplating application systems continue to be the only economic coating solution.  CASL operates a modern electroplating operation specifically engineered for spill prevention which includes five discrete barriers between the plating solution and environment and an isolated secondary containment system capable of indefinitely storing all liquids contained in every tank in the improbable occurrence of a simultaneous failure of every tank. 

Emissions Compliance

CASL regularly tests to ensure compliance with all aspects of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 and the associated Chromium Electroplating, Chromium Anodizing and Reverse Etching Regulations.  CASL has further implemented air scrubbing systems to meet emission stack test results in compliance with US EPA Method #306A as a secondary control system.


Employee health and safety is our top priority.  If our employees don’t go home safe every day we have failed our mission.  Period.  

We manage safety at the executive level of our organization using the same comprehensive and rigorous measurement tools applied to all other aspects of business performance.  Continuous improvement processes, scorecards and performance management are integral aspects of our health and safety program.  Our enterprise strategy embeds safety as a key objective, placing it front and center ensuring we never lose sight of this critically important issue.  Our Health and Safety manual establishes baseline safety expectations for all employees, further supported by our in-house dedicated safety professionals.  Inside our operating units we deploy a variety of processes, tools, training and continuous improvement to manage risks and create an engaging culture with relentless focus on safety.  

CASL’s focus on safety has earned industry reward and recognition, including COR certification.  CASL’s safety system meets the most stringent customer requirements including compliance in ISNetworld, Avetta, ComplyWorks and Worksafe registered programs. 


We believe that a strong governance framework creates long-term value for our shareholders, strengthens board and management accountability and builds trust in the company and our brand.  CASL’s Code of Conduct is the common thread establishing expectations for behaviour throughout the organization.  All new CASL employees are trained on the Code of Conduct and must certify that they have read, understand and will comply with the code.  

Our Code of Conduct is available for review here.